The Orange

A short film that captures the launch and atmosphere of Belfast Photographer Frankie Quinn’s ‘THE ORANGE’ series of photographs in June 2014. On the opening night Frankie talked about his photographic techniques and his impressions of the annual Twelth of July Parades at Scarva and Rossnowlagh, Co. Donegal.

“I’ve been to Rossnowlagh three times, and you hear the Orangemen before you see them. If you stand outside the village you can hear the Orangmen coming over the hill, and then all of a sudden you see them appearing down the road and the sound gets louder”.

Photographer Bill Kirk, whose work has much in common with Frankie Quinns talks about the photographs that most impress him in the exhibition.

Drama therapist Janet O’Hagan was impressed by Frankie’s work. “His eye for capturing human emotion, human feeling, with a tenderness. It’s the simple honesty of ‘everyday life’ that draws me to this work”.

To see more about the work of Frankie Quinn, Bill Kirk and other photographers at the Belfast Archive Project: